Cyber Agora #5: Underground Urbanism

Cyber Agora #5: Underground Urbanism

14 June 2021

Cyber Agora is ISOCARP’s virtual public space for exchanging knowledge and opinions on global urban and regional planning issues. It is a free, democratic and inclusive place open for all, which seeks to spark constructive discourse with a hopeful eye towards the future. Cyber Agora has established itself as a continuing series of fruitful online events about diverse planning issues and will continue to provide a public space for both, the expression of and listening to ideas.

ITACUS in collaboration with ISOCARP invites you to the first of its 3-part Cyber Agora entitled Underground Urbanism. Envisioning and advocating for the Next level up is down, ITACUS engages with professionals in the built environment to look downwards, tap the opportunities lying deep in the subterranean, and strive for the next level of existence. In this mission, ITACUS and ISOCARP are joining forces to expand the knowledge and perspectives on underground urbanism and underground spaces — often-ignored spaces used for rail or pipelines.

Dialogues, discussions, debates, and deliberations in the first Cyber Agora — scheduled for June 29, 2021, at 3:30 pm CET — will focus on the role of underground spaces in planning, development, and management of territories for our sustainable, resilient common future. The Agora will engage planners, urban designers, architects in a discourse that is often thought to be a field of engineers. Hosting a panel of experts, the Agora will shed light on opportunities and challenges in realizing the potential of subsurfaces — for a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Among the speakers at CA#5, we will have the pleasure of featuring  ITACUS co-chairs Han Admiraal  and Antonia Cornaro.

Join us and sign up here: Cyber Agora #5