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Low Carbon Concrete Linings

Chemical Consumables for TBM Excavation

Launching of a new ITAtech Activity Group on Small Diameter Tunnelling

Guideline for Use of Rock Classification Systems for Ground Support on TBM Tunnels

Guideline for Radially Installed Bolts in Tunneling

Muir Wood Lecture 2022

2021 ITAtech publication: Services of machinery for mechanized tunnel excavation

Guidelines On Services Of Machinery for Mechanized Tunnel Excavation

Permanent Sprayed Concrete Linings

Permanent Sprayed Concrete Linings

ITA-CET plans to develop a Tbm driver certification scheme

ITA Publication 2019

Latest ITA Working Groups and Committees' publications

Guidelines for the design of segmental Tunnel Linings

Practical approach for Controlling Blasting Vibration and Optimizing Advance in Tunneling

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