ITA Photos - ITA Activities

Before the Opening of the WTC, took place a Press Conference

On Tuesday, April 23rd took place the ITA Open Session

During WTC in Dubai, many IAT meetings took place

The ITA 44th General Assembly took place on April 21st and 24th

The WTC 2018 in Dubai has been officialy opened on April 23rd

The ITA Tunnelling Awards 20176 took place on November 15th in Paris. Have a look to the photos

The WTC 2017closing ceremony took place on Wednesday June 14th.

The WTC 2017 in Bergen, Norway has been officially opened on June 12th, by HRH Crown Prince of Norway

The 2017 ITA General Assembly took place in Bergen, Norway on June 11 and 14. Have a look to the photos of the event.