The World Tunnel Congress 2019 showcases the potential of underground infrastructures

The World Tunnel Congress 2019 showcases the potential of underground infrastructures

20 May 2019

The World Tunnel Congress and the 45th ITA General Assembly, organized by the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) and the Società Italiana Gallerie (SIG), took place from 3 to 9 May in Naples, Italy, the leading European country in terms of number of tunnels.
It was a momentous occasion and an undoubted success for the global tunnelling industry. Attended by more than 2000 delegates - experts, academics, and civil and tunnel engineers - this year’s congress allowed a wide range of experts to share their experiences and to discuss best practices and innovations, pioneering projects and constructions sites all over the world, focusing on tunnel experiences and highlighting Archaeology, Architecture and Art.

The Mostra D'Oltremare exhibition centre bustled with the activities of the World Tunnel Congress for 6 days. The event featured major announcements for ITA and numerous technical sessions highlighting the usefulness of underground space, including floating tunnels, multi-modal underground infrastructures, underground farms, and tunnelling equipment on the moon. In Naples, the potential of underground space seems unlimited, and projects that were considered impossible to achieve a few years ago are now possible.
Engineer Martin Herrenknecht, who delivered the traditional Muir Wood lecture, stated: “We construct underground infrastructures all over the world in almost every subsoil condition. Innovation allows us to carry out projects that until a few years ago were impossible.”


Ms. Jinxiu Yan was elected new ITA President. In competition with Eric Leca, she won by a narrow margin of 2 votes (32 to 30). She succeeds Prof. Tarcisio Celestino from Brazil.