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BASF Construction Chemicals – Solutions for Underground Construction

BASF, with its Master Builders Solutions, is a world leader in the provision of reliable, customer-oriented solutions, expert engineering knowledge and training workshops focused on your needs in the tunneling industry.

Sprayed Concrete

Our range of accelerators, superplasticizers, hydration control, concrete improvement, fibers and pumping aids create durable sprayed concrete with high final strength for state-of-the-art single shell tunnel linings.


Pre-injecting the ground with microcement is an economical approach to avoid unexpected water ingress, while post-injection may be required for soil stabilization or even structural repairs. We provide a comprehensive range of products for water stopping, ground consolidation, crack sealing and concrete rehabilitation.

BASF - sprayed concrete

TBM Solutions

To increaseadvance rates and protect the TBM from excessive wear even in highly challenging ground conditions such as urban areas, we offer soil conditioners, anti-wear & dust agents, tail sealants, main bearing greases and annulus grouts for EPB and hard rock TBM tunnelling. They are suitable for projects with the largest diameters.


The spray applied waterproofing membrane MasterSeal 345 is quickly applied (80 - 180 m2/hour) onto the primary concrete lining and covered afterwards by the secondary concrete lining. It provides high bonding strength to both linings, prevents any migration of groundwater along the membrane-concrete interfaces and acts as a barrier against water ingress into the tunnel. It enables optimization of the tunnel lining design.

Fire Protection

The cementitious sprayed thermal barrier MasterRoc FP 1350 ideal for both new build tunnels and existing tunnel linings with limited available space. A thermal barrier prevents explosive concrete spalling without loss in strength of structural concrete or decreased reinforcement tensile strength.

We tackle all of your problems safely, cost-efficiently and time-effectively. Contact our specialists for further information.