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Structural Fire Protection For Road Tunnels

  • Published in 2017
  • Author WG6

Latest Achievement and Perspectives in Tunnel Safety

Technical options for fireproof tunnel linings limit, advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions

Current issues in traffic tunnels

FIT databases: structured and consultable experience

Present-day design fire scenarios and comparison with test results and real fires: structures & equipment

Hazards in tunnels. Structural integrity.

Tunnels: challenges of today and tomorrow

PIARC design criteria for resistance to fire for road tunnel structures

ITA presentation and role in fire safety in tunnels

Tunnel fire Safety is quickly progressing thanks to cooperative efforts

Newsletter 13, September 2012

Newsletter 10, October 2011

Shotcrete for rock support a summary report on the state of the art

Guidelines for structural fire resistance for road tunnels

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