A long the years, since 1974, many people have served ITA. They are among those who know best our Association. Even if they are no longer involved in the day to day management of ITA, the Executive Council has asked them if they would agree from time to time to provide their opinion on special issues that may arise. 

We then have an advisers' list of trusted individuals from ITA family. 

Mr Amberg Felix  Switzerland ITA Former Treasurer
Mr Assis AndrĂ© Brazil  ITA Former President
Mr Berenguier Claude France ITA Former General Secretary
Mr Broch Einar  Norway  ITA Former President
Mr Gomes Alexander Australia ITA Former Vice-President
Mr Haack Alfred Germany ITA Former President
Mr Knights Martin United Kingdom ITA Former President
Mr Laitinen Timo Finland ITA Former Representative of Prime Sponsors
Mr Leblais Yann France ITA Former Vice-President
Mr Leca Eric France ITA Former Vice-President
Mr Lee In-Mo Republic of Korea ITA Former President
Mr Lovat Rick Canada ITA Former Vice-President
Mr Melbye Tom Switzerland ITA Former Representative of Prime Sponsors
Mr Peila Daniele Italy ITA Former Vice-President
Mr Pelizza Sebastiano Italy ITA Former President
Mr Wagner Harald  Austria ITA Former Vice-President