ABTUS – BVOTS is a non profit association with open membership for individual and collective members.

Participation in theWorld Tunnel Congress and the 38th General Assembly of ITA in Bangkok.

Participation in the yearly aux workshops of ITA-COSUF in Madrid on 25-26.10.2012 and in Singapore.

Significant projects under construction in Belgium.

Rail-connexion of the airport of Brussels to the high speed railway network : completion of 2 bored tunnels (one way track) of 1100 m, cut-and-cover section of 1000 m, extension of underground station, installation of equipments going on, in operation since begin 2012.

Railway-tunnel “Liefkenshoek” under the river Scheldt in Antwerp: bored tunnel (5570 m + cut-and-cover sections 500 m and 1075 m): works started in 2009, foreseen opening in 2014.

Railway-tunnel “Schuman-Josaphat” for creating a second North-South link through Brussels and better connecting the European headquarters to the airport : built in-situ, several combined methods : micro-TBMs, (tmbered trenches), underpinning, cut-andcover, total length 1250 m, foreseen opening in 2014.

Significant projects under design in Belgium

Closing of the motorway around Antwerp: tunnel under the river Scheldt: 1000 m (possibly included in a storm barreer) up to 3000 m (under the old docks ant part of the city).

Deep underground disposal of high level radioactive waste: gallery 250 m long, 220 m deep.

Road tunnel under the airport of Charleroi. Section Charleroi-French border of the motorway E 420: section of 13 km including 3 cut-and-cover tunnels (total 1700 m).

Test case for nuclear reactor: 70 x 47 x 43 m

North extension of the metro of Brussels : 6 km and 8 stations, all underground.

Other possible significant projects in Belgium

Shortcut in the motorway around Brussels: bored tunnel (possibly single tube with 2 traffic levels, cars and public transport busses, multimodal approach) : around 10.000 m length.