Belgium Activity report PDF

Significant projects under construction in Belgium

- Railway-tunnel “Liefkenshoek” under the river Scheldt in Antwerp: bored tunnel (5570 m+ cut-and-cover sections 500 mand 1075 m): works started in 2009, civil engineering completed, and equipment’s under way, foreseen opening in 2014.

- Railway-tunnel “Schuman-Josaphat” for creating a second North-South link through Brussels and better connecting the European headquarters to the airport : built in-situ, several combined methods as micro-TBMs, timbered trenches, underpinning, cut-and-cover, total length 1250 m, civil engineering completed, equipment’s under way, foreseen opening in 2014

Significant projects under design in Belgium

- North closing of the motorway around Antwerp: tunnel under the river Scheldt: ± 4000 m under the river + up to 4000 m under the old docks and Northern part of the city.

- Deep underground disposal of high level radioactive waste: gallery 250 m long, 220 m deep.

- Road tunnel under the airport of Charleroi

- Section Charleroi-French border of the motorway E 420: section of 13 km including 3 cut-and-cover tunnels (total 1700 m).

- Test cave for nuclear reactor: 70 x 47 x 43 m.

- North extension of the metro of Brussels: 6 km and 8 stations, all underground: public inquiry going on.

Other possible significant projects in Belgium

Shortcut in the motorway around Brussels: bored tunnel (possibly single tube with 2 traffic levels, cars and public transport busses, multimodal approach): around 10.000 m length