On December 12, 2010 the Bulgarian group of companies GEOTECHMIN turned 20!

The organization marked its anniversary with the slogan “Small steps. Big traces.” One of the traces with great national significance left behind by GEOTECHMIN is its design and construction work on the metropolitan network in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia.

Subprojects "Metrostation 9" and "Connecting Tunnel 'Dragan Tzankov'" were completed in the period 2005 – 2009, while subproject "Metrostation 11-II" is currently underway.


In 2010 GEOTECHMIN continued its work on the design and construction of Metrostation 11-II “James Bourchier” and the tunnel section after it. This is the last station of the second diameter of Sofia Metropolitan, which is now under construction and will be put into operation in 2012.

In 2010 the driving of a drainage gallery with a total length of 3000 m was completed at Ellatzite copper mine. The facility is used to lead away waters accumulated in the pit. For this purpose 12 dewatering drills with diameter 250 mm and length 120 m were executed at the end of the gallery. The driving of the tunnel with a 14-meter cross section was implemented by drill-and-blast method in difficult geological conditions characterized by faults, wet grounds and crushed areas.