The CTES-Chile is a Permanent Technical Committee, which runs under the umbrella and executive secretary of the Technology Development Corporation of the Chilean Construction Chamber (CDT of the CChC).

It counts with a 10-member Board of Directors, presided by Mr. Alexandre Gomes, and five main technical workgroups covering the areas of Planning, Design, Construction/Operation, Materials/Processes and Shotcrete respectively.

Currently the Committee is composed of 55 associated companies including clients (owners), construction companies, engineering and consulting firms, material suppliers and academic institutions.

Chile shows currently an wide-ranging development of tunnels and underground projects for the mining, energy and infrastructure, as well as other sectors, which are in different levels of advance.

During the year 2012, several projects were initiated, continued its advances or were concluded. For the purpose of giving a few examples of the types and magnitudes of projects that are being recently developed in Chile, some relevant selected projects are shown below:


New lines 3 and 6 of the Metro Santiago (about 37 km of underground works, with 28 underground stations), aprox. USD $3 Billion . End of detail design stage and start of construction of initial works.

Américo Vespucio Oriente Urban Highway (14 km of 3-lanes double tube urban road tunnels), USD$3 Billion. Call for Concession bidders expected in the year 2013.

Trans-andean Tunnel Agua Negra (14 km of double road tunnels), USD$1.2 Billion Call for bidder expected in the year 2013.

Bi-ocean Corridor Aconcagua (52 km of double tube railway tunnels), USD$3.3 Billion. Call for bidders expected in the year 2013.

Costanera Central Urban Highway (20 km of 3-lanes with open trench, C&C and Mined tunnels), USD$2.1 Billion. Call for bidders expected in the year 2013.


Alto Maipo Hydro Power Plant (El Volcan, Alfalfal II and Las Lajas Tunnels)

Hydropower plant Alto Maipo (98 km of tunnels, shafts and caverns). USD$1.1 Billion. Start of Construction works Angostura (316 MW), Los Cóndores (150 MW), Ñuble (136 MW), Nido de Aguila (155 MW), Neltume; (470 MW), Hydro Aysén (2750 MW, 5 centrales), Cuervo(640 MW).


New Mine Level - Access Tunnels (8,9km 2 tube tunnels), USD$600million; Start of construction.

Chuquicamata Underground Mine – Permanent Infra-structure Tunnels and Works, USD$850 Million;Award of contracts and start of construction Andina 244 (about 28km of tunnels and caverns), USD$6.8 Billion total project. Tender design process.