The Danish Society for Tunnels and Underground Works has during the year 2011 arranged 6 member meetings including two technical site visits. The first technical site visit covered a deep excavation in Elsinore harbour area for a future museum where the contractor PIHL is constructing an exceptional underground Maritime Museum located near the famous Kronborg Castle. The second visit and study tour covered a two day visit to Herrenknecht’s factory in Schwanau and a visit to the construction site for the Neuer Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel, a railway tunnel with diameter of 10.1m and a total length of 2.242 meter.

Members of the society have participated in the ITA General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland including active participations in three ITA working groups. Members have also participated in activities within COSUF during 2011 and as tutor and lecturer within ITA - CET.

The bi-yearly General Assembly was held in the autumn of 2011 in conjunction with a half day seminar on ongoing tunnelling activities. A new board of DFTU including two new members and a new chairman was elected for the next two year period.