2012 - ACTIVITY REPORTEgyptian Tunnelling Society is a Non Governmental Organization NGO with Corporate and individual members.

ETS publishes a periodical newsletter every 6 months in Arabic, but abstracts of its monthly technical lectures & presentations (6 in year 2011) are included in English.

ETS participated in the activities of ITA Annual Congress no.37 Helsinki, Finlande, May. 2011 and participated in its activities & Working Groups of ITA.

Cairo Metro Line 3 (40,5 km.), is a main running underground activity in Cairo, divided in 5 phases, phase 1 (4.3km) has been finished & ready for inauguration, phase2 (7.7km) under construction, phase 3(17.7km) in tendering phase & phase4 (10.8km) under study. Photo is for an EPTBM breaking in Stadt station.