The Greek Tunnelling Society has 287 members and 92 trial members. In 2010 GTS participated in the 36th ITA General Assembly and the WTC 2010 in Vancouver.

It participated in a symposium on Quarries and Construction Works in Athens and in the symposium of Eastern & Southern European national committees in Harkany, Hungary.

It organised a successful technical visit to the Thessaloniki Metro construction.

The WG on TBM selection and guidelines draft report was presented and discussed. It is now under revision in order to produce the final report.

Greece 2010 Activity report

The WGs on final tunnel linings, on shallow tunnel influence on slope stability and on vocabulary of technical terms are also in progress.

  • Athens Metro. Works are in progress in order to finalize and deliver six (6) new stations.The six (6) Joint Ventures that have expressed their interest in the construction of the 515 million Euros Haidari – Piraeus – Evangelistria extension of Line 3, (7.6 km long tunnel, with 6 modern stations) will deliver their offers in February 2011.
  • Thessaloniki Metro. Works for the Thessaloniki metro are under progress involving 13 stations, 9.5 km of tunnels (7.7 km to be bored by two TBM and the rest using cut & cover techniques) and a depot. The two TBM have bored 8196m of single till the end of January 2011 (Photo).
  • Three twin bore highway tunnels (T1: ~2km, T2: ~6km and T3: ~3km) with a total length of ~22 km, are under construction at the Tempi gorge along the Maliakos – Kleidi concession project.
  • Eight (8) twin bore highway tunnels are under construction for the Elefsis – Corinth – Patras – Pyrgos – Tsakona concession project (J/V Olympia Odos). These are the tunnels at Derveni (0.62 + 0.61 km), Mavra Litharia (1.18 + 1.14 km), Akrata (0.24 + 0.78 km), Platanos (1.63 + 1.57 km), Aghios Georgios, Koliri, Elia, Panagopoula (6 km) and Xylokastro.
  • The second bore of Rapsomati tunnel (1.4 km) on the Tripolis – Kalamata highway was completed and delivered to traffic in 2010.
  • Along the Ionian Highway four (4) twin bore tunnels with a total length of 6km (Klokova, Kalydona, Menidi and Skamia) are under constructioon.
  • Along the Central Greece Highway, E65, six (6) twin bore tunnels with a total length (single bore) of ~20km are under construction.
  • Along the Egion – Patras railway section, budget of 685 million Euros, there is one twin bore tunnel in Panagopoula as well as structures for the underground alignment of the railway line in Aghios Vasileios, Rio and Patras under construction.
  • Along the Kiato – Egion railway section, budget of 620 million Euros, there are 6 tunnels under construction (Melissi, Derveni, Platanos, Trapeza and Egio) with total length of 12km, 13 cut&cover structures with total length of 3.6km and 8 escape tunnels with total length of 2.15km.
  • The under construction high speed railway line from Athens to Thessaloniki, budget 1.8 billion Euros, includes many tunnels. Along the Tithorea – Lianokladi section there is the Kallidromo tunnel with 2 tubes total length 18 Km, and 7 Cut & cover tunnels with total length 1.080m.
  • Along the Lianokladi – Domokos section under construction there are 3 small double track tunnels under construction with a total length of 1.62km and the twin bore tunnel of Othrys, 6.4km per bore, including 2 long escape tunnels.