Greece Activity Report PDF

Athens Metro

During 2013 seven new stations and 8,7Km underground line was opened to traffic.

The works for new Metro Line 3 Aghia Marina to Piraeus, including 7.6 km long tunnels, with 6 modern Metro Stations, have been started. Designs for lines 2 and 4 are ongoing (geological, geophysical, geotechnical designs and investigations, topographical surveys)


Thessaloniki Metro

Works for the Thessaloniki metro main line are in progress involving 13 stations, 9.5 km of tunnels (7.7 km to be bored by two TBM and the rest using cut & cover techniques) and a depot.

The project is evolving slowly due to archaeological constrains, expropriations and contractual problems.

A new contract for the first extension to Kalamaria have been signed during 2013, for the construction of 5 modern stations and 4,8Km underground line and preparatory works are in progress.


The works in the three twin bore highway tunnels(T1: ~2km, T2: ~6km and T3: ~3km) with a total single tube length of ~22 km, at the Tempi gorge along the Maliakos – Kleidi concession project are in progress. In tunnels T1 and T2 works for excavation and final lining have been completed.


Works for nine (9) highway tunnels of the Elefsis– Corinth – Patras –

Pyrgos concession project (J/V Olympia Odos) have been fully recommenced after a suspension action status by June 2011. These are the tunnels at Derveni, Mavra Litharia, Akrata, Platanos, Aghios Georgios, Koliri, Elia, Panagopoula and Xylokastro. Six tunnels are of single tube unidirectionaltraffictype and three tunnels are twin tube unidirectional. Total length of single tube: 16 Km.


Along the Ionian Highway works for three(3) twin bore tunnels with a total single tube length of 6km (Kalydona, Menidi and Skamia) are expected to be recommenced (after a suspension action status by June 2011) in the first months of 2014. A new twin tube tunnel Klokova is in design phase (single tube length 5Km).


Five tunnels(single tube bidirectional, 1700m long) were opened to traffic (in Greek – Bulgarian corridor)

Highway tunnelsfor Stylida by pass are in progress

Works for the constructionof the final lining for Achyra Dam Water transfer tunnel (2.4 km) are in progress.

Excavation and final liningat the 9Km long single track twin tube Kallidromo rail tunnel (total length 18 km single tube) have been completed. Remaining civil works and E/M works are in progress. 

Preparatory worksfor the construction of the 5 Km long single track twin bore rail tunnel in Panagopoula (total length 10 km single tube)


Along the Lianokladi – Domokos rail section:

3 small double track tunnels with a total length of 1.62km, and the 6.4Km long single track twin bore tunnel of Mt Orthrys (13km single tube length), including one access tunnel (1Km long) are under construction and 10 double track small tunnels and C&Cs are completed. 

Junction area at Panagopoula T26 Tunnel

Athens Metro from Aegaleo to Agia Marina