The Icelandic Tunnelling Society which represents the ITA National Group Iceland is an independant group of tunnelling professionals with corporate and ordinary members. Members were involved in investigations, design and construction of hydro and road tunnels in Iceland in the year 2010. Two major road tunnel projects were finished during the year. The president and the secretary of The Icelandic Tunnelling Society were heavly involved in the Tunnels & Tunnelling Supplement publication December 2010 on Icelandic Tunnels.

The year 2010 was relatively productive in terms of tunnel design and construction. Work was completed on the 11 km long Hedinsfjördur road tunnels between Ólafsfjördur and Siglufjordur and the 5,5 km long road tunnel between Ísafjördur and Bolungarvik (Bolungarvik tunnel) with opening for traffic in September and October respectively. Design work continued on other road tunnels and contract was signed for the Budarhals hydro scheme (4 km headrace tunnel).