The Tunneling chamber within The Israel Union of Construction and Infrastructure Engineers has organized three workshops during the year:

The first one includes four lectures:

  • The tunnels for the fifth water line to Jerusalem.
  • The coordination of the Yokneam tunnel within the complex intersection of roads nos. 6 and 70.
  • The use of Cardox for delicate excavation without explosives.
  • Tunnel Project management as related to the high speed rail line to Jerusalem.

The second one was coordinated with the Ceotechnical Chamber and includes three lectures:

  • The tunneling works for the underground rail station at Jerusaelm.
  • Continuous monitoring of the load at rock anchor's head.
  • Prevention of damage using monitoring in above and underground construction.

The third one includes one lecture and updating concerning new Israeli Standards. The lecture was:

  • The Nilli twin-tunnels from a contractor point of view.

In addition the Chamber continues its cooperation with the Israeli Standard Institute concerning a series of standards for tunnels.