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Tunnels in and around Jerusalem

Arnon Rozen, A. Rozen engineering Ltd.

Following a first stage of road tunneling within the city of Jerusalem (Begin Road, Mount Scopus, Cedar Valley, Zahal Square and others) and solving the major traffic flow within the city, a second stage of tunnels is underway connecting the city to other parts of Israel.

The main tunnels that are being planned and under construction are:

The Harel twin road tunnel on the main Tel Aviv – Jerusalem highway. Two twin tunnels below the Jerusalem Forest for a new highway entrance to the city's center.

Four tunnels and an underground railway station (using TBMs for the first time in the country).

Short tunnels below highly congested section for the Light Rail system. In order to align all designers and contractors into an orderly form of work, the Israeli Tunneling Chamber within the IUCIE has joined the Israeli Standard Institute to write a series of standards for tunnel design and construction. In addition, an updated version of the General Specification for Tunnelling was approved, leading to an orderly set of contract documents.

The shazar Underground Parking

Bids and are being done usually for Joint Venture for Israeli and Foreign contractors.

The variety of geological conditions leads to the use of all tunneling equipment and systems from NATM or SEL to TBM and from drilling and controlled blasting (even six meters below a gas station) to heavy road-headers in order to follow tight requirement of the Ministry of Environment within the city.

The Jerusalem Undeground Rail Station