The Norwegian Tunnelling Society with its 1050 personal- and 64 company members has accomplished another active year with good progress in distributing the latest development in rock excavation techniques. Main events of the year was the annual Rock Blasting conference and various courses and seminars related to underground technology in general and rock excavation in particular.

There are five permanent committees covering Shot firers, Development, International Activities, Information & Public Relations and finally Conferences. Each of these appoints sub-committees (task forces) to cover specific projects. International Committee is responsible for ITA-matters, support the participation in ITA Working Groups and international conferences in general. The Development Committee initiates technological projects. During 2011 focus has been on health and safety as well as technology related to rock blasting technology in tunnels. The Committee for conferences is responsible for arrangements, this year three. "Information" is promoting recruitment to the rock blasting and tunnelling profession as well as strengthen the image of the profession in general. The objective is to distribute correct and positive information on construction activities at large. The shot firer committee is arranging courses for personnel aiming at having a leading position within their company with respect to rock blasting as well as an annual 3 day seminar covering the latest techniques and is giving an update on new rules and regulations concerning rock blasting.