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Single-tube sub-sea road tunnel under Karmsundet, length 3,977 m, max depth -139 mbsl, cross-section T-11.5 (91 m2), max slope 5.0–7.4 %


Excavation of the new Holmestrand railway station, span 36 m


Twin-tube sub-sea road tunnel under Boknafjorden, length 25,500 meter (the world longest road tunnel, - subsea or on land), max depth -392 mbsl (the world deepest sub-sea road tunnel), cross-sections T-10.5 (79 m2), T-12 (94 m2) and T-14.5 (113 m2) where inclined and 3-lane traffic, max slope 5.0–7.0 %

Single-tube sub-sea road tunnel arm to Kvitsøy, length 4,500 m, max depth -250 mbsl, cross-section T-10.5 (79 m2), max slope 7.06 %