The report is rating work and activities of the association within the year 2010 in which the most important was to prepare the execution of the most difficult part of the western – eastern Slovak highway project, in fact as far as the Ukrainian border in total length of 75 km. This highway goes through mounainous terrain where there is a large number of bridges as well as four tunnels.

At the same time next stage should have been executed in Central Slovakia with its longest tunnel Višňové in the length of 7.5 km. Respectable attention was paid to these projects concentrated to a few talk events and promotions (creating of positive significance, asset of tunnels for ecology and environment). The new technological regulation was necessary to work out – The Fire Precaution of road tunnels by STA specialists. All highway projects were executed by the form of PPP (private public partnership).

But they were all stopped following certain political decisions in spite of having been in a quite semi-finished stage in the end of 2010.

We believe that all the work done on these projects untill today will be used in the nearest future. The association has already traditionally supported Slovak universities and development of tunnelling science among students. In April 2010 40 students and their teachers took part in the Betontang in Vienna. All the costs were paid by STA.

At the same time the best underground construction diploma thesis was gratified.

The STA commitee met four times in the year 2010. The General Assembly took place in April 7, 2010. Now there are 47 corporate bodies and 5 individual members.

STA shared the conference „Underground construction 2010 in Prague“ together with Czech Tunnelling Association in June 14 – 16, 2010.

In September 28, 2010 the seminar "Preparation and Tunnel Construction" took place under the concern of the best foreign specialists (Herrenknecht, Basler-Hofmann, prof. Haack).

When Norwegian King visited Slovakia in October 29 – 31, 2010, Norwegian Tunneling Society with STA organized together a forum of competence about secondary lining. Norwegian society was led by professor and president of NTS Eivind Grøv and STA by its chairman Ing. Róbert Turanský.

In April 2011 the General Assembly of STA and at the same time commitee voting is taking place.

Association commitee will try to support technical growth of engineers and to raise interest of young people in this area and to create appropriate conditions in the Government for construction of tunnels.