1) The reconstruction of the old tunnel Ljubno, 260 m long, with three lanes, i.e. two traffic lanes and a retreat lane, which forms part of the road connection Karavanke – Obrežje, was succesfully finished at the beginning of the autum 2011when the last motorway section in the Slovenian motorway cross was opened for traffic.

2) Construction works in Tunnel Sten close to Škofja Loka in the state road alignment are continued with short stops. Total length of tunnel tube is 676.02 m. Parallel to the main tunnel the extra rescue tunnel which is 450.7 m long and linked with the main tunnel tube by two cross tube, length 15 m, is under construction too.

 Tunnel Markovec under construction

3) The twin tube road Markovec Tunnel, which is approx. 2.2 km long on the motorway section between Koper and Izola near the Adriatic coast, is under construction. The main contractor ALPINE BAU with some difficulties continue works from the both portals. The structure of the rocks in the tunnel consists of flysh rocks with sandstone and marl layers which are tectonically disturbed in some aligment segments. A section of the tunnel, about 600 m long, bellow a shallow surface which is occupied by private houses and infrastructures, excavation progress succesfully with roadheader MT720 produced by SANDVIK (Alpine Bergtechnik).

4) The designing process on the new second track railway alignment between Divača and Koper, which was successfully finished. The construction works on the new alignment, which includes about 20 km railway tunnels, will start in 2013, according to the plan.

5) In future we can expect some new projects on railway and road tunnels, particularly on the 3rd NEW DEVELOPMENT AXIS, and we are anticipating some rehabilitation works in old tunnels (either on railway or road).