AETOS has actively participated in the 2011 World ITA Conference, celebrated in Helsinki. (WTC2011)

ITA Work Group n. 2 “Research”, it met on two afternoons with the participation of the Spanish representative.

AETOS supervised the translation to the Spanish of contents in the ITA Web Page.

The AETOS Chairman is a member of the Advisory Board of the Swiss Tunnel Society.

This committee met in Lucerne in June 2011, in order to celebrate the 2011 Swiss Tunnel Conference, (STC2011).

Mr. Mario Peláez made a highly applauded presentation about the Pajares Railway Tunnel for the Madrid-Oviedo High-Speed Train (AVE) Line.

In collaboration with the Company, “Societá Italiana delle Gallerie”, in March 2011, Spain participated in SAMOTER 2011, in Verona, with an English presentation about TBM sludge recycling in the expansion works of the Madrid Metro Line 2 to Las Rosas.

In 2011, a meeting of six Western Europe Tunnel Organizations (Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland) was celebrated in Naples and a visit was made to the extension of the Naples Metro. Spain made an English Presentation about the Albertia Railway Tunnels for the Basque Country’s High-Speed Train (AVE) “Y-Line”.

Active work has been done in collaboration with AFTES in the Scientific and Organization Committees of the 2011 Lyon Conference.

In November 2011, the Global Tunneling Forum was celebrated in Hotel Silken Puerta Madrid with selected international speakers.

From 12th-17th of December 2011, an 18-member Russian Delegation visited Madrid and Barcelona.