Costa Rica Activity Report PDF

Three hydroelectric projects, still under construction, have included the excavation of several tunnels, among headrace tunnels, diversion and auxiliary tunnels.


Only those from Reventazón Hydroelectric project were finished during 2013. The other ones are still in construction and will be terminated on 2014.


These correspond to the hydroelectric projects Cachi and Torito. This last one is being constructed by means of an EPB-TBM. On the other hand, Cachi's tunnel is being partially excavated by means of a road header machine, the first used in Costa Rica.

Tunnel excavated by roadheader, Cachi Hydroelectric Project


Access tunnel for Cachi Hydroelectric Project


Aspect of headrace tunnel (conventional excavation), Reventazón Hydroelectric Project


Tunnel excavated by EPB-TBM at Torito Hydroelectric Project