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CREG - China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., LTD.

CREG - China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. - is a leading TBM supplier for mechanized tunnelling constructions of all kinds. Headquartered in the center of China, CREG provides full-range TBM solutions together with its up-to-date technical solutions highly oriented towards project challenges and customer expectations.
Until June 2018, CREG has signed 788 TBMs for tunnelling projects, in which 656 TBMs are boring different tunnels around the world, The TBM, what do we provided, are EPB, Slurry, Single-shield, Telescope shield, and Gripper TBM, with boring dia. ranging from 3 m to 15 m. These TBMs, with their unexceptional performances, are active in operation and highly appreciated by customers worldwide. This speaks of CREG’s unremitting commitment to technical standard and service quality at the highest level, as well as a sound assurance of customer-oriented operative efficiency.
In addition to the TBM tunnelling solutions, CREG has also included a wide spectrum of auxiliary tunneling equipment into product portfolio, such as drilling jumbo, roadheader, rolling stock, disc cutters, diesel- and battery-driven locomotives as well as tunneling formworks and building structures.
CREG TBM Germany - Subsidiary of CREG China - sits in Erkelenz in the Cologne / Düsseldorf region and was founded in 2014 as part of the takeover of the tunnel boring business from the long-standing and tradition-steeped TBM manufacturer Aker Wirth.

1. SUAI:

CREG slurry TBM, with boring dia. 15.03m, this big machine will complete a 6680 m length tunnel under Shantou gulf sea floor with max. 10 bar working pressure. . Specially mentioned that the cutting tools (disc cutter and ribs) can be exchanged under atmospheric pressure.


Two CREG ø 11.05 m EPB TBMs, ordered by PORR-SIX Construct JV, have been successfully manufactured and tested in CREG GuangZhou factory. The two machines will be applied for the DEEP Tunnel Strom Water System(DTSWS) in Dubai.