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Founded in 2007, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Limited (CRCHI) isaffiliated with a Fortune Global 500 Company China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). As a professional large enterprise, the business of CRCHI covers research, design, manufacture and service of intelligent equipment of tunnel construction and high-end rail track equipment.

By the positioning of non-standard, specialized, characterized and customized high-end equipment, CRCHI shapes three industry sections: rail track equipment, tunnel boring machine and specialized tunneling equipment, overall arranging new industry sections such as new types of transportation equipment, high-end agricultural machinery, green building materials equipment, mining equipment, new types of engineering materials and other emerging industries.

The TBM have been widely used in the subway, railway, mine, water conservancy and other key projects of more than 30 provinces and cities in China, and has been successfully exported to Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Peru and other countries and regions to facilitate the construction of "the Belt and Road".

Large-diameter open-type TBM in Jilin water supply project: excavation diameter is 7.93 meters. The whole machine is 185 meters long and its weight is 1500 tons. Installed power is 5000 kW. The maximum advance rate is more than 120 mm/min. A research theory of disc cutter wear mechanism has been established by combining simulation analysis and engineering practice. Sensor for cutter wear monitoring has been developed using wire grid and resistor array. New ways of testing cutter wear have been created. Ways of designing drive system under strong vibration have been mastered. Problems in correcting TBM posture have been addressed through simulation analysis.The effect of vibration on pose measurement has been reduced to zero through technological innovation. It is verified that inclinator data can be preprocessed by wavelet synthesized filtering algorithm, and measurement accuracy of inclinator has been effectively improved.

First batch of TBMs exported to Russia:excavation diameter is 6.28 meters. The whole machine is 87 meters long and its weight is 460 tons. Installed power is 1750 kW. Developing the main drive system which endures low temperature to -30 centigrade degrees, CRCHI takes antifreezing protection measures which prevent the damage of equipment caused by freezing and expansion at -45 centigrade degrees. The high-precision TBM posture control system is developed for soft soil with large gradient and small turning radius, available for special construction environment of Russia.

Tunnel equipment with many achievements fill the Chinese blank, building the whole process, mechanical, intelligent construction equipment, which have been successfully applied in many railways, such as Zhengzhou-Wanzhou Railway, Yuxi-Mohan Railway, Anqing-Jiujiang High-speed Railway, Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railway. The equipment are widely used in areas such as water conservancy, subway, highways, mines, drilling and blasting method for underground project construction to provide the overall solution.

Shotcreting machine integrates the functions of walking, pumping and spraying. It has the characteristics of stable performance, easy operation, high productivity, low rebound and high construction quality. It can be used for the pumping and spraying of premixed concrete with or without steel fibre and  polymer fiber in metallurgy, railway, highway, and other areas.