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Mr. Wilhelm Nell
Pferdekamp 6 – 8
59075 Hamm, Germany
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Germany’s No. 1

KrampeHarex regarded as a renowned technological leader and clients from over 40 nations and a wide variety of industrial fields, from structural, underground, and civil engineering, depend on the ever growing “know-why” of KrampeHarex®. They know that our specialisation in the industry makes it possible for us to offer you the best solution. And more than that: Our competence, services, and quality promise are based on lived values rather than empty words. We rely on absolute honesty, a strong sense of responsibility, consistent delivery dependability, precision as the basis for top quality, and dedication in all we do. Our success is proof that we have chosen the right path with this business philosophy.

When it comes to tunnelling we can offer a wide range of steel fibres and also polypropylene fibres, for sprayed concrete, SCL, precast elements, tubbings. Our specialists can advise and support you in choosing the right fibre types (in terms of performance, workability and price), work out an optimized concrete mix design and to install our dosing equipment for best integration of fibres into your plant layout. They have expertise and experience for many years and from working on biggest projects worldwide, e.g. Metro Tunnel in Doha, Crossrail in London, Stormwater Dubai, Tunnel Burg Switzerland, Schürzeberg Tunnel Germany, Brennerbasis Tunnel, Semmeringtunnel etc.

Our environment. Our responsibility.

With the KrampeHarex® Energy Management system DIN 50001 for companies, we promote sustainable energy usage encompassing the optimal use of resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We purchase only green electricity (CO2-free) and are reducing our CO2 footprint considerably. Daily. Furthermore, we also use highly efficient intersectional technologies such as LED lighting systems, environmentally friendly technologies for com­pressed air systems, and sustainable disposal logistics (waste sorting, recycling) throughout our entire corporate process.