Sato Kogyo
Sato Kogyo 
Mr Kengo Kato 
Technology centre SOU
C30-1, Suwa
300-2658, Japan
Phone: +81 8076 115 601
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Our History

Sato Kogyo traces its roots to one of the oldest turnkey contractors in Japan. Established in 1862 and headquartered in Tokyo, Sato Kogyo laid the cornerstone of modern building technology by focusing on and developing newer and more efficient construction methodologies that are still relevant around the world today.

Over a rich history of more than 150 years, Sato Kogyo has accomplished many building and civil engineering projects of varying scale, nature and complexity in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Middle East, Europe and North America.

In 1972, the firm recognised the growing construction activities in the Asia Pacific region and expanded its footprints rapidly beyond Japan. The strength of the Singapore Office has evolved into Regional Headquarters in 2002 to oversee the emerging East Asian markets. Over the last decades, Sato Kogyo has set up offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, where some of these offices continue to be active today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a world class organisation with international presence and strong emphasis on customer satisfaction in the delivery of design, engineering and construction services.

This is achieved in the spirit of our credo Total Project Excellence by adopting a total project management concept where every qualified and experienced expertise is committed to managing and executing projects in the most innovative and cost effective approach.

Our Spirit

Sustainability Determines Us
We aim to achieve economic and environmental sustainability through green building initiatives.
Passion Drives Us
We constantly cultivate a strong passion and determination to do our best.
Innovation Defines Us
We continuously acquire and apply knowledge to deliver innovative solutions.
Resilience Defends Us
We strive to be resilient to adapt to dynamic circumstances.
Integrity Dominates Us
We value integrity in our all business dealings with our clients, vendors and stakeholders.
Teambuilding Develops Us
We foster teamwork through mutual trust, respect and responsibility.