Aleea Zmeurei N°18, BL U7
Constanta, Romania

Producing plant/subsidiary:
Garii street 21, Mogosoia,
Ilfov, Romania
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Fibro Metals Srl is a solid company with a very high turnover and a stable and sustainable partner for anyone. It represents a company which can be involved in large projects without doubts. Producing process on high-performance machines and equipment is controlled from the beginning – to the end; from the row material drawing process, until the finished product – fibers, after producing process is finished, go the final check is to Fibro Metals Srl's own laboratory.

When we talk about standards, Fibro Metals srl implemented  ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001. There is no doubt, that all products are tested and CE certified by notified bodies.

Concerning green energy, Fibro Metals Srl uses its own green energy, from its privately owned photovoltaic panels which are spread over hundreds of hectares. Exceeded energy production, is redistributed to National Grid.

With a global presence through its representatives, Fibro Metals srl ensures serving of any market part with fast deliveries. Its representatives not only promote the company’s products.
They also train their sales team to be able to explain to the customers how they can extract the maximum benefits out of the products, but at the same time, our company constantly invest in the development of new products and technologies ensuring training is adapted to our customer’s needs. 
Working closely with its clients, Fibro Metals Srl plays an important role in the building of airports, floors, bridges, tunnels or precast concrete parts worldwide. 
Mostly required Type I fibers, used for industrial floors and tunnels, are always stocked. Among them, fibers for safe vaults, or precast concrete parts are offered and special attention is paid to clients who are producing UHPC for which high tensile fibers are needed.

Offering an entire producing palette of fibers with competitive prices, Fibro Metals srL is able to respond to its client’s needs in a fast and efficient way

As a reference, we mention only a few of the projects where our fibers were used:
Rail 431 Section 5 project - Israel;
Danes tunnel Sighisoara - Romania;
Sevilla airbus parks - Spain;
Skanska logistic parks -Nordic countries;
HS2 Project, Manhattan Business Park – England and many others.