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Tyre Reinforcement, Composite Reinforcement and Construction Reinforcement Materials

Established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding, Kordsa is positioned as the global leader of its sector, providing reinforcement materials to the leading tire companies of the world for more than 40 years. Over the years, Kordsa has enlarged its reinforcement areas to composite and construction market as well.

“Today, Kordsa, reinforces every 1 in 2 automobile tires and every 2 in 3 aircraft tires in the world.”

Kordsa provides high quality service and end to end solutions with a high level of technical competency. The main objective of the company is to “progress with innovative value added technologies” by continuously investing in its customers, its shareholders and its employees.

Worldwide the company is the acclaimed holder of “The Reinforcer” title, thanks to its market leader position, its strong global footprint, its technological leadership and its experience on reinforcement technologies.

Kordsa has combined its experience in industrial fiber technologies with its reinforcement mission to introduce its brand KraTos, the first product of the Construction Reinforcement Business Unit, and continues now with its R&D activities for other innovative reinforcement materials. Offering speed, labor cost savings, equipment and energy efficiency, as well as long-lasting durability and low carbon emission for successful and sustainable construction projects, KraTos stands out as a new concrete reinforcement synthetic fiber for the construction industry.

Together with Akçansa and Çimsa, KraTos was awarded the First Prize in the Corporate Synergy subcategory of the Golden Collar Awards of the Sabancı Group in April 2013, and also became the first Turkish product in the global fiber reinforcement market. Increasing growth and awareness in the construction market has resulted in a preference for synthetic fiber reinforcement products as one of the most innovative solutions.

CE-certified KraTos Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement products not only provide labor cost savings and reinforcement of the concrete in terms of resistance and long-lasting durability by increasing its load-bearing capacity, but also prevent cracks, which makes KraTos Macro the material of choice in infrastructure and superstructure projects instead of wire mesh or anchoring. Thanks to its easy handling and internal curing properties, KraTos Micro differentiates itself from the competition in the market, and provides effective solutions. KraTos Macro and Micro products are now preferred in major projects in the domestic market for their easy handling advantages and performance. Our activities in markets where we have a global footprint are well under way.