ITA goals in education and training

Since the year 2000, the ITA has identified education and training as one of the most important challenges and needs of the association. It officially established the ITA's Committee for Education and Training (ITA-CET)  in 2007 in order to promote education and training throughout the tunnelling and underground space association and assist its coordination.

The Committee works in close collaboration with the ITACET Foundation, created in 2009 in order to facilitate funding and organisational aspects of  training and education actions. 

The importance of knowledge sharing through education and training has been reaffirmed over the years in the ITA's Strategic Plans and remains a priority. A certain number of actions have been identified by ITA  in relation to this goal:

  • Support Member Nations through the organization of training sessions and workshops.
  • Develop a training offer for professionals and industry.
  • Implement e-learning / webinars.
  • Create and develop a university network as well as a regional correspondents network.
  • Involve Working Groups and Committees in the preparation of didactic documents and ITA-CET courses, based on their publications.
  • Organize specific training sessions on the use of underground space in developing countries.

The ITA-CET Committee's four activity groups will focus on these actions.

Click on the link below to read the ITA-CET flyer which presents our activities in more detail

ITA-CET flyer.pdf