ITA-CET overall goals

Since the year 2000, the ITA has identified education and training as one of the most important challenges and needs of the association and officially established the ITA-CET Committee during the ITA General Assembly in Prague, in May 2007.
ITA-CET’s role is to promote education and training throughout the tunnelling and underground space association and assist its coordination.

The motion adopted by the ITA General Assembly in 2007 outlined four overall goals for the Committee:

  • Coordinate interaction and exchanges among member universities.
  • Plan, coordinate and prepare the contents of training sessions and short-courses organized and promoted by ITA.
  • Establish the contents, scope, structure and requirements of professional Master courses endorsed by ITA and analyse requests for endorsement.
  • Disseminate training and educational material.

ITA-CET goals 2013-2016

Within this framework, the Committee has identified a series of specific goals for the 2013-2016 period, which were reaffirmed during the 40th ITA General Assembly in Iguassu, Brazil:

  • Work with the three other ITA Committees (ITA-COSUF, ITACUS and ITAtech) and the Working Groups, to ensure that education and training reflect the current best practice in technology, specifications and methodologies.
  • Ensure that the University Network is nurtured, proactive, extended and actively promoted, including the endorsement of university Master courses.
  • Diversify the current portfolio of ITA-CET training events and develop the lecturer database in answer to the increasing interest from industry to organize education and training courses and seminars.
  • Establish a strategy to initiate education and training actions in addition to those organized on invitation and request, in conjunction with the ITACET Foundation.
  • Work in harmony with the ITACET Foundation, reflecting the need to provide a training service that best represents ITA as « the leading international organization promoting the use of tunnels and underground space through knowledge sharing and application of technology ».
  • Continue education and training seminars held in association with the annual WTC and the host member nation 
  • Develop e-learning/webinars
  • Establish a regional ITA-CET correspondent network
  • Communicate on ITA-CET activities