ITA's vision is to “Lead the world in sustainable use and development of tunnels and underground space”. In doing so, ITA engages a broad community worldwide with participants from universities, suppliers, contractors, consultants, clients and others.

Through the Client Forum, ITA provides a platform for managers, engineers and project leaders within the client/owner organizations of ITA to exchange knowledge and experience on a broad international base.

The client forum invites clients with different background such as:

  • State or local road- and rail administrations
  • Organizations with tunnels for energy, water, sewage, cables etc.
  • Nuclear waste repositories
  • Underground research facilities
  • Underground storage, computer centres etc.

Themes regarded by the client forum could be:

  • Procurement
  • Project and contract experience
  • Technical innovation
  • Project planning
  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Financing
  • Organizing client organisations
  • Lesson learned from innovative contracts and incentives

The client forum encourages to share experience and lessons learned from both successful and less successful parts of projects with the aim to get even more successful projects in the future.

The client forum of ITA is open for invited clients employed by recognized client organizations who are client members of ITA.

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