The aim of ITAtech is to provide a platform for engineers, manufacturers, contractors and suppliers to draw global experience and expertise together for the benefit of the whole industry, and to find ways of supporting the introduction of new techniques and products by collaborating on the development of design and performance criteria and preparing application of best-practice guidelines.
The ITAtech activity groups (AG) include all processes related to underground construction such as Data Management, Excavation, Lining, Support &Waterproofing and Design.
3 AGs & 14 Sub Activity Groups (SubAGs) are working:
Low Carbon Concrete Linings: Introduction and Existing Situation   - Specification - Design - Carbon accounting - Construction - Operation and Maintenance  - Case Studies
Excavation:  Mechanized Support, TBM Material Consumables, TBM services Guideline. 
Lining, Support & Waterproofing: Waterproofing, Permanent Sprayed Concrete, Cast In Situ, Bolts & Arches. 


Already 14 reports have been published. Publications

To be member of ITAtech, companies need to become either an ITA Supporter or an ITA Prime Sponsor. Application form and flyer information.
ITAtech Activity leaders are chosen among the ITA Prime Sponsors (see the list).

ITAtech members will be able to participate in various activity groups (see activities) and work as well as propose topics for studying new technologies with the final goal to review them and when approved promoting them into the tunnelling market.