The goal of this committee is to promote new and state of the art construction technologies and methods for the sustainable development of underground space.

The ITAtech activity groups include all processes related to underground construction such as Investigation, Excavation, Support, Lining and Waterproofing, Installation and Interior works, Monitoring, Rehabilitation, Design.

Participation in ITAtech Activity Groups is open to ITA Corporate Members (mainly Prime Sponsors and Supporters) willing to involve themselves in the development of new technologies. ITAtech Activity leaders are designated by ITA Prime Sponsors.

Target Group

Participation is open to all companies involved in the tunnelling industry. Inside we want to cover the whole scope of the tunenlling construction process from the investigation works to the equipements and rehabilitation as well as design.

To be active member of ITAtech activity groups it is needed to be member of ITA through a Corporate Affiliate Membership (you can download an application form here) and to be really involved in becoming an ITA Supporter or an ITA Prime Sponsors.

Activity group leaders are coming from the companies that are ITA Prime Sponsors (see the list).

Benefits of membership

ITAtech members will be able to participate inside various activity groups (see activities) and work as well propose topics for studying new technologies with the final goal to review them and when approved promote them into the tunnelling market.