A need for training sessions aimed at tunnel owners

04 May 2015

To meet training expectations, the ITA-CET Committee has developed around 20 training session programmes, which can be tailored to the specific requirements of clients at their request. As might be expected, focus has been given to technical training sessions, either aimed at providing a general overview of usable techniques or at examining certain specific methods or techniques in detail.

However, it also appears necessary to provide a reminder of important issues, to explain the role of the various stakeholders in the study and works processes and to show that these processes are gradual and conducted in successive stages. This is particularly important when the trainees are representatives of tunnel owners or public authorities. Although it is not their role to be able to choose the most appropriate type of TBM, they must be aware of the importance of prior geological and geotechnical investigations, for example.

Generally speaking, tunnel owners are assisted by consultants and technical advisors and are not expected to take their place. However, they must know how to ask the right questions, obtain basic technical facts and rough orders of magnitude and be capable of questioning certain options put forward, in order to make sound decisions. 

The ITA-CET Committee is therefore developing training sessions aimed at tunnel owners. These training sessions will highlight the manner in which studies are conducted, from the initial project outline right up to the tunnel opening or tunnel operation and maintenance stages.

They will focus on identifying the set of functions that the new tunnel must fulfill, then on the coordination of studies and the validation of the work conducted by the project manager and the design team, followed by the awarding of contracts to construction companies and the monitoring and acceptance of the works.

These training session programmes will also focus on risk management issues and the responsibilities of each party.