Don't miss the ITA-CET lunchtime lecture series in 2021!

Don't miss the ITA-CET lunchtime lecture series in 2021!

13 April 2021

The ITA has identified education and training as one of the most important challenges and needs of the association. ITA's Committee for Education and Training (ITA-CET) aims to coordinate and develop education and training actions for Member Nations and the industry as a whole. To achieve these aims, the Committee works in close collaboration with the ITACET Foundation which handles the funding and organisational aspects of training and education actions.

In light of the ongoing COVID crisis, which prevents the organisation of physical gatherings, the ITA-CET Committee and ITACET Foundation have adapted their training offer and developed a series of online lunchtime lectures. The aim is to provide members of the tunnelling community with information on current issues and cutting edge technologies and methods within the underground space industry.

As mentioned in our December 2020 newsletter, these lectures are open to a wide public and will take place live, on the second Tuesday of every month from 13:00 hours to 14:00 hours Paris time. Each event will include key lectures, followed by a question and answer session.Lecturers will be top professionals in the tunnelling and underground space community, notably from the ITA’s Working Groups and Committees. Industry representatives and project owners will be asked to intervene on a regular basis, in order to give different viewpoints.

After the first three successful events which took place on 9th February, 9th March and 13th April, the ITA-CET Committee and ITACET Foundation are pleased to announce the provisional schedule and topics for the next lectures over the coming months:


Date Topic     11th May Waterproofing 8th June Automation in Tunnelling 13th July Into the future 10th August Life Cycle Management 14th September Digitalization in Tunnelling 12th October Safety in Operation 9th November Hydro Power 14th December Mechanized Tunnelling


More details on the next sessions, including how to register, can be found on the ITACET Foundation website: