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New Dates for the WTC 2022

Review of the ITA report on Permanent Sprayed Concrete Lining

2021 ITA publication: Strategy for Site Investigation of Tunnelling Projects in portuguese version

Diretrizes para Investigações de Campo em Projetos de Túneis

  • Published in 2021
  • Author WG2

Continuation of ITACET Lunchtime lecture series

Session 2

  • Date Monday, 20 September 2021

Guidelines On Services Of Machinery for Mechanized Tunnel Excavation

Lunchtime lecture series #7

2021 ITA publication: shafts - definitions & classifications

Shafts - Definitions and Classifications

ITA launches survey into precast concrete segmental lining damage

ITA-CET online lunchtime lecture is pursuing its path!

ITA 2021 publication: Contractual framework checklist for subsurface construction contracts

Don't miss the ITA-CET lunchtime lecture series in 2021!

Contractual practices: contractual & technical publications endorsed

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