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Shotcrete for rock support a summary report on the state of the art

Shotcrete and Waterproofing for operational tunnels

Sprayed concrete for final linings: ITA Working Group Report

Health and Safety in Shotcreting

Shotcrete for Rock Support: A Summary Report on the State-of-the-Art in 15 Countries

Underground or aboveground? Making the choice for urban mass transit systems

General Considerations in Assessing the Advantages of Using Underground Space

Underground car parks

Standards : Manuals of mechanized tunnelling

TBM Glossary 2006

Report on the analysis of relations between tunnelling and the environment

The Management of Tunnelling Accidents

The Challenge of Sustaining Our Habitat

Urban Contracting and the Environment

Exemple : WG4 Subsurface Planning : ITA-Mine-reuse

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