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Adits for Long and Deep Tunnels

Latest Achievement and Perspectives in Tunnel Safety

The governance of costs in tunnel design and construction

Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management in Tunnel Works

Risk Management in tunnelling:A systematic framework for the contractual apportionment of construction risk.

Geoengineering Considerations in the Optimum Use of Underground Space

Tunnels: challenges of today and tomorrow

Shotcrete for rock Support - A Summary report on State-of-the-Art

ITA COSUF Workshop 2012 and General Assembly 22 June 2012 in Rome (Italy) - Niels Peter hoj

Updated survey of existing regulations and recognised recommendations

Livre blanc 3 Développement durable du sous-sol urbain

  • Published in 2011
  • Author ITACUS

Shotcrete for rock support a summary report on the state of the art

Shotcrete and Waterproofing for operational tunnels

Health and Safety in Shotcreting

Shotcrete for Rock Support: A Summary Report on the State-of-the-Art in 15 Countries

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