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Low Carbon Concrete Linings

Chemical Consumables for TBM Excavation


WG & Committees

Launching of a new ITAtech Activity Group on Small Diameter Tunnelling

ITA Prime Sponsors & ITAtech Industry Dinner 2023

ITAtech SB & SUP & PS & ITA ExCo General Meeting @WTC 2023

ITAtech AGs & SubAGs Meetings @ WTC 2023 in Athens

ITAtech @ WTC 2023 in Athens - WGs & Committees & ExCo Meeting

WTC 2023 - ITAtech Dinner

Guideline for Use of Rock Classification Systems for Ground Support on TBM Tunnels

Guideline for Radially Installed Bolts in Tunneling

Lunchtime lectures: "service of machinery in mechanized tunnelling"

ITACET Lunchtime Lecture Series #25

Webinar on "Low Carbon Concrete Linings - Case studies"

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