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Latest ITA Working Groups and Committees' publications

WTC 2019 - Concert & ITAtech Dinner

Guidelines for the design of segmental Tunnel Linings

Practical approach for Controlling Blasting Vibration and Optimizing Advance in Tunneling

ITAtech Guidelines on Rebuilds of MAchinery for Mechanized Tunnel Excavation

Geophysical ahead investigation methods / Seismic methods

ITAtech PS Dinner 2018

ITAtech Steering Board

ITAtech AG & SubAG AG at WTC 2018

ITAtech at the General Assembly WTC 2018

Guideline For Good Practice Of Fibre Reinforced Precast Segment - Vol. 2 : Production Aspects

ITAtech PS Dinner 2017

ITAtech AG & SubAG AG at WTC 2017

The World Tunnel Congress 2017: 6 days of innovation sharing

ITAtech - The information disseminator of new technologies in tunnelling

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