The group is working on "risk management and insurances of TBM tunnelling", "training courses" and on "demonstration of benefits of mechanized tunnelling".

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WG14 is to promote mechanised tunnelling and to inform about the current state of development in this flexible technology. It shall support public and private clients, planners and contractors with general and technical information during the preparation for tunnelling projects.

With the regular updated “Challenging Projects List” the reader receives a global overview of the current high profile projects.
According to the stipulated “Criteria for Challenging Projects” a selection of projects demonstrates the capability of tunnel boring machines in various aspects, such as special characters of the encountered geology, or certain features of the tunnel alignment and as well new technologies with certain impact on the TBM tunnelling industry.
Contact details of the client are shown to receive further individual information.
This list will be updated frequently and the WG 14 hopes to expend this document into an informative compilation of interesting projects.

A “Challenging Project Submittal Form” allows the submittal of additional projects to the WG for enclosure. It is based on a PDF-form which assures an easy handling of the data to submit.

Further, it is the intent of WG 14 to give information about technical regulations and standards which might affect TBM projects. Being an international organisation it is the intent to develop a document collection covering the world tunnel market. It is anticipated to grow this compilation and to update it as the WG becomes aware of changes in regulation.

The Working Group 14 would be pleased to address any concern and to include your project or technical document. Please use either the “Challenging Project Submittal Form” or send an email directy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Aside of these two ongoing topics a general guideline for the selection of tunnelling methods is under preparation. This guideline should give a client an orientation in the capabilities and risks of the available main tunnelling techniques. This is an ongoing work in close collaboration with other WGs.


Working Group 14: Mechanized Tunnelling