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COSUF Main activities:

  • Networking and coordination meetings, twice a year, generaly linked with other events
  • Taking part in international standardisation
  • Actions towards focussing international research programmes to include tunnel and underground safety and security, e.g. in the EU framework programmes, European Technology Platforms or other international activities
  • Developing and maintaining a website to promote activities and disseminate findings
  • (co-)organising workshops and conferences
  • Forming groups and ad-hoc task forces inside the Committee to address issues related to COSUF scope and objectives (e.g. activity groups below)

Activity groups:

  • AG 1 – Interaction with European and international activities.

    This activity group take and keep contact with external institutions, groups and projects in order to receive relevant information, co-operate for avoiding duplication of activities, to give information about COSUF activities to external groups and possibly influence their initiatives.

  • AG 2 – Regulations and best practice

    This group cover regulations, the state-of-the-art and best-practices in various countries worldwide. The state-of-the-art can monitor the current practice and experience with various design methods for different underground systems. This includes discussion and comparison of regulations, innovative European achievements and best-practice procedures from different owners, networks, projects and the experience gained by them.

  • AG 3 – Research and new findings

    The scope of this group is to motivate to research and to use research results and other new findings for the benefit of safety and security in underground facilities in general.

  • AG 4 – Road Tunnel Safety Officers

    This group gathers Safety Officers appointed according to the EU Directive 2004/54/EC. It aims at exchanging experience and preparing guidelines regarding the activity of Safety Officers. It organises European Forums of Safety Officers

To know more

  • About COSUF activity groups, please read the full presentation of ITA COSUF - Scope, Structures, activities
  • Download the last version of the ITA COSUF programm of next events