16th International Symposium on Aerodynamics and Ventilation and Fires in Tunnels, Seattle,15th-17th September 2015

19 March 2015


The Steering Board of ITA COSUF has decided to endorse this event, since it deals with topics within our ITA COSUF scope and we feel that ISAVFT16 (2015) is of interest for the vast majority of our members

In the aftermath of the severe downturn in the world's economies, governments throughout the world are still investing in infrastructure, of which tunnels are an important component. There is therefore an enormous worldwide demand for engineering services and products relating to tunnels in general, and tunnel ventilation in particular. With this demand there is inevitably increased pressure upon designers and engineers to develop more cost-effective solutions for tunnel construction without compromising safety. BHR Group's International Symposium on Aerodynamics, Ventilation and Fire in Tunnels has been the premier international event providing delegates with opportunities to discuss new research and developments, to consider innovative solutions and to explore technology breakthroughs. Its technical quality makes this event an essential diary date for everyone concerned with tunnels and tunnelling. Worldwide participants include:

Owners, operators & regulators;
Research institutes & universities;
Consultants & designers;
Contractors, suppliers & manufacturers;
Policy makers & future technologists


Conference Outline

Join ISAVFT16 in Seattle, a "tunnel-rich" city, to witness the largest road tunnel currently under construction and to share trends and innovations in the ventilation of tunnels and associated systems. There are always new challenges to face and opportunities to solve old problems with emerging technologies - larger design fires, fire suppression, high speed trains, rehabilitation of old systems, satisfying code requirements and the associated costs involved.

ISAVFT16 will provide the opportunity to explore operational issues, maintenance and plant failure, and experiences from tunnel fires and similar events. Given that Seattle is also the home of Boeing, Microsoft and other leading technology companies, we will have an eye on the future of transport technology, driverless cars and new concepts for rapid transit.

These and many other topics will be addressed at the 16th International Symposium - don't miss this opportunity to network with the world's leading experts at this premier event!