ITACUS Steering Board

The Steering Board leads the committee. 
As off 1 January 2017 the Steering Board is formed by:
Mr. Han Admiraal (Co-chair, the Netherlands)
Ms. Antonia Cornaro (Co-chair, Switzerland)
Mr. Petr Salak (Activity Group 1 leader / Young Professionals Think Deep Program, UK) 
Dr. Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou (Activity Group 2 leader / Urban Sustainability, UK) 
Mr. Per Tengborg (Activity Group 3 leader / Urban Resilience, Sweden)
Mr. Abidemi Agwor (Activity Group 4 leader / National Actions Program, Nigeria) 
Ms. Rosanne Verloop (Young Talents Ambassador, The Netherlands) 
Prof. Youssef Diab (Scientific Ambassador, France)
ITACUS Advisory Board
The Advisory Board advises the Steering Board on ITACUS related matters.
The advisory board is composed of (as of 1 January 2017):
Dr. Tony Ho (Hong Kong) 
Dr. Ray Sterling (USA)
Dr. Wout Broere (the Netherlands) – ex officio WG 20 animateur
Ms. Yvette Koerber (Switzerland)
Mr. Ilkka Vähäaho (Finland)
Dr. Yingxin Zhou (Singapore)

The ITA Executive Council has appointed as tutor for ITACUS:

Prof. Dr. Chung-Sik Yoo



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