ITACUS Steering Board

The Steering Board leads the committee. 
As off 1 January 2017 the Steering Board is formed by: 
Mr Han Admiraal (Chair, the Netherlands) 
Ms. Antonia Cornaro (Vice Chair, Switzerland), 
Mr. Petr Salak (Activity Group 1 leader, UK)  
Ms. Yvette Koerber (Activity Group 2 leader, Switzerland)
Mr. Per Tengborg (Activity Group 4 leader, Sweden)
Activity Group 3 is still being set up at this time.
ITACUS Advisory Board
The Advisory Board advises the Steering Board on ITACUS related matters.
The advisory board is composed of (as of 1 January 2017):
Prof. Youssef Diab (France) 
Dr. Tony Ho (Hong Kong) 
Dr. Ray Sterling (USA)
Mr. Ilkka Vähäaho (Finland) 
Dr. Yingxin Zhou (Singapore)
Dr. Wout Broere (the Netherlands) – ex officio WG20 animateur

The ITA Executive Council has appointed as tutor for ITACUS:

Prof. Dr. Chung-Sik Yoo



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