ITACUS AmbassadorsITACUS appointed 2 special ambassors to reinforce and support the work the committee is doing
as part of the planning and use of underground space.


The ITACUS Scientific Ambassador is tasked with liaising with ITACET and the ITACET Foundation to ensure that ITA capacity in the field of education and training includes the use and planning of urban underground spaces. Apart from this, the Scientific Ambassador works with other organisations, such as AESOP (Association of European School of Planning) to introduce the concept of urban underground space into planning curricula. ITACUS supports research initiatives and uses research students and lecturers engagement to further knowledge development and knowledge dissemination in this field. Our ITACUS Scientific Ambassador is professor Youssef Diab.



The ITACUS Young Talent Ambassador is our linking pin with ITA Young Members (ITA-YM). ITACUS believes in the power of Young Professionals and their active involvement in our activities. Our Young Talent ambassador liaises, develops new ideas and advises the Steering Board in this area. In this way, we aim at maximising the involvement of young people in our work and thereby sustaining it into their future. Our ITACUS Young Talent Ambassador is Mauricio Alvarez.