In 2014 during the General Assembly in Igassu, Brazil, the ITA created a Young Members Group. The Group brings together the ever growing number of young member nations from around the world.
Contact the Steering Committee if you would like any information on setting up a Young Member organisation in your country, or if you want to know more about the ITAym.

The aim of the group is:

  •  To provide a technical networking platform within the ITA for young professionals and students            
  •  To bridge the gap between generations of tunnellers, and to network across all experience levels in the industry
  •  To develop awareness of the tunnelling and underground space industry to new generations
  •  To provide young professionals and students with a voice in the ITA, including the Working Groups
  •  To foster the next generation of tunnelling professionals and to pass on the aims and ideals of the ITA

The main activities of the group are:

  • To arrange events for international networking and encourage the exchange of experience and technology between young professionals and students
  • To inspire the next generation to join and actively participate in the ITA
  • To encourage and assist member nations in establishing domestic YM organisations based on the unique characteristics of each individual ITA Member Nation