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Young Members - News & annoucements

Young Members - News & annoucements

17 September 2016
ISOCARP in partnership with ITACUS is organizing a Workshop, intended for both British and international young planners and underground space specialists. The intention is that this workshop becomes a first in a series of events, leading towards producing a set of case studies contributing towards in-depth analysis of interrelations between city planning focusing on urban design and underground space utilization and infrastructure provision.. This workshop is at the same time a part of the ISOCARP's Young Planning Professionals' Program, which since 1991 brings together young professional urban planners from all parts of the world. The YPP Workshops provide an opportunity to work together as a closely-knit team. The workshops are hands-on and aimed at establishing a good working relationship with young colleagues from all parts of the world, while working towards results in a very short period of time. Within the framework of the YPP / YPTDP Workshop it is…
17 July 2015
Brazil has successfully launched its Young Members Group on July 1st The Brazilian Tunnelling Committee - CBT has established this year its Young Members Group, following the initiative from ITA/AITES and sharing the same goals and objectives of the ITA-YM. The event was opened by Jairo Pascoal Júnior, Vice-president of CBT, followed by the ABMS treasurer Artur R. Quaresma Filho (Brazilian Association of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering). Akira Koshima, Former President of CBT, reported to the young audience the 25 years of the Committee history. The CBT-YM Chairman Marlísio O. Cecílio Jr. and the Vice-chairman Eloi A. Palma Filho (Photo #2) emphasized the importance of bringing the young members together in a nation-wide scale. They reported the recent activities from WTC2015, such as the release of the Breakthrough magazine, and encouraged the active participation in the WTC2016. As the beginning of a wider idea, CBT-YM is organizing lectures to…
25 June 2015
Please find attached PDF with news related to the ITAYM from the WTC 2015 in Croatia.